PhiNesse Brow Pen Light Brown 01

$20.00 exc. GST

PhiNesse Brows Pen is a unique formula brow definer formulated for achieving extremely precise eyebrow styling. Created with a very fine point tip able to mimic hair strokes, it allows detailed application which sculpts and defines the eyebrows with ultimate precision. This super sharp and precise pen is a complete all in one tool when it comes to adding definition to the eyebrows



Due to its very precise and sharp applicator tip, the pen can mimic microdladed like strokes. This also makes it an amazing tool for those clients who are not sure if they want to get their eyebrows done, as you can very precisely pre draw the brows during consultation, so they can actually see the effect which would be achieved. Also a great addition for makeup lovers who want their brows to look natural, with every stroke created individually instead of the blurry effect of standard brow pens.

The formula provides all day hold and is smudge proof, sweat proof, transfer proof and waterproof so it will stay in place and definition as long as you need it.