PhiBrows Brown 2 SUPE 2x5ml

$128.00 exc. GST



Brown 2 is a very specific pigment with the widest application.

Brown 2 is a mixture of equal amounts of yellow, black and red, which makes it possible to adapt to different eyebrow colours in the skin, with the aid of natural pigment. By rule, Brown 2 is used with natural brunettes. However, with different pigment dosing (different filling in the skin), it can also be used with blondes (in small doses) and clients with black hair (more filling).

This pigment is the easiest one to be mixed if you need different shades. By adding Yellow, you will easily get Brown 1 or Golden Brown. By adding Black pigment, you will get Brown 3. By adding Red, you will get Fox.

Contains 2 pieces of 5ml pigment