Phi Blade & Shade Disposable Pack

$187.00 exc. GST

The PhiBrows Blade and Shade Pack is a premium  kit made of oxo-degradable plastics. Contains fully sterilised disposable materials in order to do extremely natural blading plus shading procedure with the highest level of sanitariness.

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The kit contains:

-Phi Blade and Shade disposable tool with Phi 304 blade and Phi 3R shading blade

-Applicator with an ergonomically designed handle and cotton brush tip used for stroke marker application

-4 pieces of swabs used to apply aftercare creams, anaesthesia or any other solution on the skin

-Cotton pads for cleaning during treatment

-Mini cotton pads used to apply anaesthesia after the first pass with a blade or any other solution to stop bleeding if necessary

-Tweezers for handling the mini cotton pads

-Pigment ring with ring holder and blade cleanser attached

All included elements in the kit are disposable and are made out of biodegradable plastic, which provides not only highest precision and sanitation during work, but also has environmental friendly aspect which is a subject of extreme importance.

One box includes 10 kits.