7Pin / 19Pin Needles 20pcs (10pcs of each)

$82.00 exc. GST

7Pins Single Row / 19Pins Three Rows Needles (10pcs each – total 20pcs) suitable for all UNIVERSAL HOLDERS.

Great for shading and ombre brows.



7Pins Needle is a 7 pins flat shader blade with excellent stability and precision. It is sharp and elastic, delivering very smooth and natural shading effect, even for delicate areas. Capable of very fine shading and details. Creates a special  dimension with added depth, providing extra level of realism to the created eyebrow look. This 7 flat pins needle is made of highest quality medical grade stainless steel and provides very subtle shading effect with ultimate precision. Durable, sharp and efficient, it provides great pigment implantation and is easy and comfortable to use.

19Pins Needle is a sharp and durable blade made of #19 three rows needles, intended to add some depth and dimension to the eyebrows, great for a smooth deposit of color creating ombré and shading effect. It also works great for filling in sparse areas. 19 shader blade is used to add some definition at the base of the brow, while keeping crisp strokes at the edges. The blade helps creating the fullness that clients desire and it also helps to even out a brow that may have less hair than the other oneFills in the microbladed strokes and creates more density

Each blade is individually packed with the latest sealing technology, completely protected from physical damages.