Simplicity Artist is a machine with basic performances which makes it a good solution for beginners priced at NZD$1180

All the commands of this machine are on the hand piece, which makes it very mobile and easy to travel with. It is assembled in Korea with German engineering and possesses all the certificates necessary worldwide. This machine is going to be a part of the standard PhiLings and PhiContour Starter Kit and retails

Simplicity Master is a new machine that is not different from much more expensive machines on the market by its performances. It is powered by a strong German engine and thanks to Korean perfectionism it is the most silent machine on the market with the least vibration. Since the display and functions are located on the hand piece, this powerful machine will be available on the market by the price of NZD$1880. This machine also possesses all the certificates necessary worldwide.

These machines use ultra-precise cartridges in many different variants. Their price will be significantly lower than the price of cartridges produced in Germany. These cartridges have special hygiene patent with a silicone membrane.

The revolutionary cartridge with stabiliser is a game changer and is going to set new limits and possibilities in the Permanent MakeUp world.