What is Bloodborne Pathogen training?

Bloodborne Pathogen Training is a course to educate anyone working in an environment where they are exposed to human blood on bloodborne pathogens and diseases and methods used to control occupational exposure.

Anyone who could reasonably anticipate to face regular exposure to blood or OPIM (other potentially infectious materials) as a result of performing their duties. i.e a treatment where you, your team, your equipment or your working environment is exposed to blood or bodily fluids (including airborne droplets), is strongly urged to complete this course. 

Training Options & Fees

This is an Online only course

$120 +GST 

  • Course is available to commence upon payment of course fees
  • 15-20 hours online learning and assessments via I-qualify Training Platform
  • End of assessment exam
  • Master Academy Certificate upon successful completion


Alternatively, purchase now from the web store