Post covid funk

Beauty will save the world!

So how are you all coping with the “post-Covid” funk? The financial impact its had on your business, clients cancelling on the day of their appointments, staff absent due to isolation and then Covid isolation, on top of that finding new passionate, trained team members? For many its been a tough road and I want to say we appreciate you! Your hard work, your passion, your continual desire for the success of the “Beauty” business. Gosh, I used to hate that word, “Beauty” it sounded so belittling almost insulting. Our common argument whether it be out loud or just in our minds was “I don’t just do make-up!”. As an industry we have often tried to change the beauty therapist label; to skin therapist, esthetician, nail technician, cosmetic tattoo artist, our constant aim to remove that dreadful ‘beauty’ word.

But today I want to encourage you that what we do is essential to ‘saving the world’. Our clients too are suffering from the “post-Covid” funk, reduced disposable income, impact of stress on their bodies and skin. So how can you make a difference!

Quality Service – You can give the best pedicure but if there is no care or love, your clients will be made to feel more like an interruption of your day.

Words of Affirmation – A well trained beauty therapist can focus their treatment on encouraging words, being confident in their every action.

Physical Touch – Your touch can be the critical point where your client will trust your or not… A firm touch portrays confidence and calmness.

Gift Giving – Especially in this unsure unfavourable economic climate a gift is a life saver. Add on services or a gift with purchase can be a great way of making your client feel beautiful!

Quality Time – Being present and engaged in your services with your client can make a real impact. This can include being prepared in your treatment room, not constantly having to leave to find items required for your service.

My encouragement to you today is choose to believe that:

“Beauty will save the world” – Fyodor Dostoevsky