Busting the Myth of Fibroblasting

FibroblastingWhat is this latest ‘craze’ that has hit the world by storm? Fibroblasting, Plasma Pens, There are so many different devices, different techniques and extreme claims and myths of the physiological aspect of these treatments. You only need to visit YouTube and “Dr”Google where you can read and watch an extensive amount of video content.

We have recently returned from Switzerland and would like to take this opportunity to explain how this treatment works, what response is needed in the skin and how you can fit this treatment into your current services menu.

The plasma pen treatment or “Fibroblasting” is best performed in conjunction with microneedling or dermal needling. The Dermal needling portion of this programme is for larger areas and full faces the plasma pen is a targeted portion of the service. We are not going to re-invent the wheel regarding needling techniques, for this Dr Lance Setterfield has some great refererenced reading material available in his latest Third Edition book. We hope to see him in New Zealand shortly to share his wisdom on dermal needling and its techniques.

What we do want to address is the new aspect of this Skin Rejuvenation programme using a plasma pen. The plasma pen works by way of sublimation. Sublimation is the changing of a solid into a gas, without it becoming a liquid. This is the exact response we see when this treatment is performed on the skin. A tiny eetsy beetsy teeny weeny electrode is placed on the skin, creating an immediate reflex of the stratum corneum and epidermal tissue. This reflex creates a shrinking action in and around the surrounding tissue where the electrode has been placed. Small ‘dots’ are placed close together to create a tightening and reduction of excess tissue in a targeted controlled area.

So that’s the theory of the treatment, how then do we put this into practice? This treatment can be used in small areas such as upper eyelids, lower eyelids, front of earlobe wrinkles, peri oral wrinkles, worry lines, gabeller lines, crows feet and cervical lines. It works best where there is superficial muscle tissue. For instance on the upper eyelids, we follow the tarsal band, then connect an uplifting band upto the eyebrow. Creating an instant reduction of skin tissue of around 3-4mm, an instant eyelift and reduction of excessive tissue on the upper eyelid without having to go in for surgery. Less cost, less trauma, less downtime and great results.

This obviously creates a wound in the skin and therefore a wound healing ‘cascade’ and all that this entails. For the treatment therapist it is important to ensure treatment parameters and protocols are followed. That the skin is well supported through all the phases of healing and that the client is suitable for this type of treatment. Comprehensive training of this treatment is essential to not only prevent damage and scarring but also to ensure great results and success. There is also downtime for the client of at least 2-3 days. We have created trauma on the skin, there is swelling, odema and redness. This will reduce over those 3 days and leave carbonised crusts in the treatment area. These crusts will heal and fall off over the next 5-10 days and the skin can be left with some discolouration of red, or even slightly brown. It is important for the client to follow correct home-care procedures to ensure fast healing, prevent scarring or hyperpigmentation. Homecare includes the use of Vitamins, Antioxidants, Bioflavenoids, essential phospholipids and of course a suitable SPF, preferably free from preservatives, perfumes or emulsifiers.

Results are seen immediately by the treatment therapist however due to swelling, odema and redness this is not visible to the client until a few weeks later. The area will continue to improve daily for the next few weeks and months throughout the wound healing journey.

Training for this treatment is available at the PhiAcademy NZ, located in sunny Northland, Whangarei. It consists of an intensive two-day live training, and three months online support using an interactive online training application called Craftmaster. During this treatment students are given extensive theory regarding the skin and its structures, a demonstration and an opportunity to perform this treatment on a client.

Each and every client deserves an individual approach to their rejuvenation journey. It is important that you are well equipped with devices, technique, knowledge and an aftercare programme that will ensure the great results this Skin Tightening treatment was designed for.