PhiLings Plasma Training

PhiLings Education is the training of Microneedling and Plasma/Phi-Ion. These can be done in combination or separately, depending on the indications for the treatment.

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Perhaps you are reading this wanting to start a new career, you might be wanting to expand the services in your clinic, you may be unsatisfied with previous education or just want information about our PhiLings course. PhiAcademy NZ are here to help you.

Would you like to increase your knowledge about skin and the latest Skin Rejuvenation Techniques?

Looking to add an amazing treatment to your service repertoire with a great financial return?

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philings master

philings master


PhiLings Plasma Technology is revolutionary minimally invasive treatment that tightens and firms skin with instant results.

Also known as: microneedling, fibroblast treatment, soft surgery, non-surgical blepharoplasty, or plasma tightening.

PhiLings is a service comprised of two techniques, Microneedling and PhiIon Plasma Pen. Together these techniques trigger a collagen reaction and tighten deep set wrinkles in areas such as the naso labial folds, upper eyelids, crowsfeet and other facial areas. Results are visible after just one treatment, offering a safer and less invasive alternative to surgery.

The PhiIon Plasma Pen creates an instant reduction of excess tissue without the need for surgery

In the PhiLings training you are taught to deal with both of these to the same extent and trained to be able to properly combine and use them professionally.

Each and every client deserves an individual approach in their skin rejuvenation journey. It is your role to be well equipped with devices, techniques, knowledge and an after care programme.

Learn how this technique works, treatment parameters and client care.