PhiBrows Microblading Training

What is PhiBrows Microblading?

PhiBrows Microblading is a hyperrealistic technique of drawing eyebrows manually (using a blade-shaped tool with a row of tiny, barely visible needles to create hair-like strokes along your brows while depositing pigment into the skin

PhiBrows Microblading training is not just a regular eyebrow drawing course. PhiBrows Microblading is the only microblading brand in the world, which allows our Artists to earn more and to have an international career.

During the course, our students adopt advanced microblading techniques, learn about skin, special rules related to hygiene, skincare, but also about ways to find clients and build a quality relationship with them.

When you graduate, you will have all the knowledge you need to be a successful PhiBrows Artist, however our support doesn’t stop when you graduate, it lasts throughout your entire career.

How does our training work?

Pre Learning (1 week before live workshop) – Online Blood Borne Pathogens and Infection Control course, government requirements and local legislation.

Day 1 live workshop- Theoretical part: introduction to skin problems and conditions, eyebrow design according to the Phi golden ratio, hygiene, use and mixing of colors (color theory), consultation and aftercare, business building and social media techniques, use of CraftMaster learning online application.

Day 2 live workshop- Practical part: modular exercise through levels on latex (artificial leather), building and design of realistic hair stroke patterns, and work on a live model.

What after? – After the live training, participants gain access to the Craftmaster online learning platform, where all registered students go through online education on PhiBrows Microblading treatment.

NZQA Manual Microblading & Machine Shading Training

Learn two techniques and receive two qualifications.

Microblading training is now available with both a globally recognised PhiBrows Artist Certificate as well as an approved NZQA Level 6 Micro-credential.

The Manual Microblading and Machine Shading education is the first step in becoming a competent microblading artist.  Our detailed theory and practical applications provide in depth knowledge and skill, enabling you to become a successful Artist.

Training Options:

2 Day Workshop including Kit and online CraftMaster

  • Two day live workshop with theory and practical on latex and models
  • A Starter Kit with products and accessories for 20+ clients
  • 4 months CraftMaster for your online learning portion of this course
  • Direct support from your Trainer
  • NZQA Micro-credentials
  • Internationally recognised Phi Certificate
  • Bonus courses including Skin Expert, Hygiene and Get More Clients

    Live workshop dates:
  • Auckland – 29th &30th July 2023
  • Christchurch – 7th & 8th October 2023
  • Whangarei – 17th & 18th October 2023

PhiBrows Microblading

2 Day Workshop including Kit and online CraftMaster

  • Two day live workshop
  • A Starter Kit of your hoice(No device) with enough products and accessories for 20+ clients
  • 4-6 months CraftMaster, depending on Starter Kit, for your online learning portion of this course
  • Direct support from your Master Educator
  • Internationally recognised Phi Certificate
  • Bonus shading course- shading between the individual hairstrokes

Additional learning options available, including online only and group training – please request course information for full details. 

Why Choose Master Academy:

Master Academy are proud to be Aotearoa’s only Private Training Establishment to offer NZQA Micro-credentials in all areas of cosmetic tattooing.

When you enrol on our courses, you become a part of the Master Academy Whānau. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience with our students and guiding them to be the best artists they can be. We thrive off watching our students and their Whānau succeed.

  • Industry professional trainers with 50+ year combined experience
  • Opportunity to increase your income up to 10 times
  • In-depth coverage of every step of the procedure
  • Professional microblading kit
  • Globally recognised PhiBrows Certificate + Master Academy are the only training facility to offer approved NZQA Micro-credentials with the Manual Microblading & Machine Shading education
  • Ongoing support and guidance from a team of professionals
  • Hands on training and limited class sizes for one-on-one attention
  • Access to professional learning applications with specialised tools for measuring natural shape and can store customer profiles, such as colour, shape and preference
  • Access to industry Doctors to answer medical questions
  • Marketing tips and advice on how to build your client base