Q Is the certificate recognised throughout New Zealand or globally?

PhiAcademy is a global organisation and their training is recognised around the world. However, there is no training that is formally accepted or is categorised by a government agency.

Q What payment methods do you accept? Is it government funded?

We accept direct bank transfers, VISA, Q-card, Farmers Finance card and Gem Visa. We can also allow you to pay an instalment agreement however, course costs must be fully paid prior to commencement. This course does not have enough associated/recognised hours attached for a formal government funding/subsidy.

Q Where can I source finance from?

Most finance companies will finance the training fees with an unsecured loan.

Q Do you come and train on site?

In certain circumstances we can train a team of Permanent Makeup Artists this is to be discussed and decided upon on a case by case basis.

Q When will I start treating clients?

You can start treating clients as soon as you have finished your training in CraftMaster and are certified by your PhiMaster to do so.

Q Is there any regulations, standards or legislation for Cosmetic Tattooing?

In New Zealand there are local government regulations to uphold and adhere to. It is best for you to contact your local agency in your region for up-to date information.

Q Who supplies the products?

We import the products, devices and accessories and are the sole distributors for Phi products and accessories in New Zealand. We have an online shop available.